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Hey guys! I'm Sacia Atkinson.

I'm a Mama who is passionate about inspiring others to learn more about expanding your family through different routes of adoption like embryo adoption and open adoption!

I started sharing our journey back in 2019 with hopes it would connect my husband Drake and I with an expectant mom that was considering open adoption. Goal accomplished! We are so lucky that we were able to connect with our sons birth mom through social media six months after we announced that we were adopting. Our little boy Duke was born back in January of 2020. Since then, I have realized that our journey isn't just about us is also about bringing knowledge and hope to those that are seeking adoption, (and even those that aren't but are willing to learn). My desire is to add value to those earnestly seeking the real and raw specifics about the different routes inside of  adoption...even if that means sharing the hard parts of our journey too. So let's get started yo.


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