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A Weekend With the Dads

Not only did we get to celebrate Drake's First Fathers Day, but we also got to celebrate Drake's Dads that came into town!

I love when they come to visit! We spent a lot of our time chatting and eating at yummy restaurants like The Porch and The Dodo. Both of those restaurants are amazing by the way! If you live in Utah and you haven't been to either of those, you need to get your booty to both of them! They of course have delicious food, but they both have strung lit patios that give me all of the good vibes! It feels like you are doing more than just eating, it feels like an experience. I live for those types of moments.

Moments where you feel like everything surrounding you gives you an opportunity to really connect with others and enjoy time with them. That is what I love about spending a little money and eating at those types of places, and Drake's dads are definitely on my same page. Drake on the other hand, well, he is happy to be there but is more of a get in get out type of guy. He is very efficient, and I love that about him. Lol. We always get such amazing quality time with his dads because honestly we don't see them that often. So when we do, we have so much fun! Also, how can a Mama not love it when Popo and Papa want to spoil her baby and buy him a whole bunch of new clothes? It was my favorite, and it was truly an amazing weekend.

Drake, Duke, and I even made it out to a wedding in Spring City, UT. Some of our friends from highschool got married! I even got to watch Drakey walk down the aisle with another girl since he was a groomsman. I kid guys, I kid. I know I'm not that funny but it was still entertaining to watch him walk with another female. Haha. The wedding was beautiful though. I feel like you dream about the moments you get to show off your baby when you're hoping to adopt, and I definitely loved having a little sidekick with us.

Before closing out this weeks blog, I wanted to touch on how unordinary our family is. I don't have to type it here for you to know that already. Heck, Duke is adopted and we are extremely close with his Birth Mom Kira and Duke's sister Liara. Drake has two dads, his mom passed away, and my parents are divorced and both remarried. Our family is not an ordinary box of chocolates. Our family is a surprisingly different and unique blend of yummy chocolates. None that are better than the other, but all that are special in their own way. That is our family.

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