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Christmas Cabin

Christmas is here! Can you freaking believe it? I’m the type of gal that gets so excited that I end up watching Christmas movies in what feels like September. 😂 Sad, but it’s true. No shame over here!

Since becoming adults with families to share time with, we have made an executive decision to designate one weekend sometime in December to celebrate Christmas with my Mama and two sisters and their families. It has been my favorite tradition over these last few years! Between in-laws, divorced parents, and your own traditions things can get complicated. Am I right? I love that we all know that it’s going to happen no matter what, and it is always a blast!

This year was was no exception! We spent this season in a cozy cabin in Bear Lake. A view of the ice covered lake surrounded by a blanket of snow. It was gorgeous, despite the fact my brother in law had to pull our car up a snowy 45 degree hill. 😂 All is well.

Of course we swapped gifts, played games, and ate

amazing food. All of these things are fun and expected, but I love that this season calls for needed family time, and deep belly laughs. I am excited for all of our kids to remember this weekend as significant. Not for the presents, but the memories.

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