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Family weekend

We were lucky enough to have Drake‘s dads fly in from sunny San Diego to spent a little time enjoying the fall before it crisps up here in Utah.

We have spent the weekend eating out at our fav places, going to the pumpkin patch, and helping Duke create his own build-a-bear. It was the best! By the way, If you live in Utah definitely check out the Kuahara, one of my fav patches here!

Anyway, weekends like these remind me why family is so important to us.

We want Duke to grow up having special memories with ALL of his family. Because of adoption, his family consists of so many people! We love that Mr. Duke has so much love and support. We truly wouldn’t want things any other way.

How lucky we are that someone once taught us about open adoption…because it truly has added not just this boy to our

family, but an entire handful of amazing people.

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