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Nesting and Adopting a Baby

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Your baby could be here tomorrow or in two years. Gosh, that makes planning a bit difficult! Let me help you out!

After getting home study approved in May of 2019, I was so excited to finally start preparing for a baby! Let's be real, after years of negative pregnancy tests and infertility, it felt so good to be on a path that seemed like was right for us!


You'll begin to notice that I am typically a glass half full kind of girl! So when all of the forms were finished and things were approved, I was ready to set up a nursery, buy all of the baby clothes in the world, and pick out my favorite car seat. I do know that there are hopeful adoptive couples that feel differently than we did about creating a nursery while waiting to adopt a baby . Some expressed to us that they would begin to feel sad month after month of walking past an empty nursery. To us, it was hope! Although I wasn't physically carrying a child, we were expecting a child, and we wanted to live like we were!

Be Smart and Rational

If things are just barely starting to pick up for you, and your home study is just getting finished, my recommendation would to be super smart and rational about the things you start to purchase. I would start buying the things that are definitely necessary, like nursery furntiture, a car seat, and very gender neutral clothing items! It doesn't make any sense to buy everything all at once either. Take your time, and really enjoy the process!

We always wanted the process of having a baby to be a happy and exciting one! Starting to nest was a great distraction for me. It also helped me to remember that each moment is temporary. That one day we would have a little baby, but that in the meantime I wanted to remember that the special time that Drake and I had together was limited.

Regardless of what your choice is when it comes to nesting if you decide to do it before or after placement...just remember to do YOU! What feels best for you is going to be what is right! Know that even though you are adopting, those instincts are REAL!

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